About CK

About Christine Keys

Hey, there!

Who is Christine Keys? Well, I’m 25 and wife to an amazing man. I’m also mama to two children, Jack + Annie. They are 18 months apart and my eldest, Jack, is only 2. I stay at home with them, but before all this marriage and children business, I was a registered nurse.

Some time into my motherhood journey I felt the need to pursue some of the creative ideas that were floating around my head. Amongst nappy changes and games of peek-a-boo, Christine Keys - the blog was born. Not long after the blog was launched I had ideas of expanding it to allow me to sell some of the things I am passionate about. Hence the creation of CK - the shop.

I hope the products available here are as beautiful, touching, and helpful to you as they have been to myself. If you're interested in seeing more of what there is on offer, feel free to check out the blog where I update regularly. 🙂